Reasons Why My Car Is Overheating?


Are you starting to notice green fluids on the ground when you drive away? Or that your temperature gauge has been getting hotter and hotter? Chances are that you’re coming close to the overheating of your car—if it hasn’t happened already—and you will want to make sure you are prepared when it occurs. Continue reading to find out why your car is overheating and what to do once it happens.

Indicators of Radiator Issues

Car overheating problems can be the result of many different reasons. Perhaps the most prevalent cause stems from inside the cooling system, which is preventing the heat:

  • Absorption
  • Transportation
  • Release


Radiator leaks or leaks is your water pump, head gasket, or thermostat housing are often what cause the engine to not cool down efficiently. The good news is that if the leak is minor or if you catch is early enough, a good technician can normally find the leak, cover it with sealant, and get you back on the road. However, if the radiator leak is not the issue, your coolant hose may have dirt clumped up which restricts the flow of liquids through your hoses. If this is the issue you will want to flush the system and refill the coolant tank.

Issues with Your Radiator Warranting a Radiator Repair

As previously stated, the most standard cause of car overheating issues derives from the radiator. Radiator leaks, clogs, and radiator fan problems hinder heat from properly fleeing your car. In turn this leads to the engine temperature to increase. If you have any inkling that you may have a radiator issue, get your radiator inspected immediately because getting your radiator repaired or replaced is significantly more cost efficient than repairing or replacing your engine.

Trust Us to Help When Car Overheating Has Got You Down

We understand car overheating problems are stressful. You probably dread getting stuck in traffic or even getting behind the wheel on a hot day. What if your car breaks down, or you seriously damage your engine? Trust us—it’s better to find out why your car is overheating and repair the problem at its source, whether you have a radiator leak or some other issue. Our mechanics are ready to handle your radiator repair, so you can drive with confidence, knowing you and your car will be cool and comfortable.